As a work from home female entrepreneur who also gets distracted easily, I needed to find a way to be productive while working from home. Like a nerd who needs to solve a solution, I did research. I mean are we really surprised I would do this? So I know there is a lot of information out there. Trust me it’s not fun getting a brain freeze from too much information. Is that even a thing? Maybe I just miss ice cream!

For a comfortable and productive home setup, you’re going to need these work from home essentials. From ergonomic chairs to tiny paperclips, everything in your home office setup should have a purpose. Okay, some of these are productive and purely aesthetically pleasing. Mugs and even sweatshirts make an appearance in this list (trust me this list is full of awesomeness).

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Work from home essentials

1. An Adjustable standing desk just makes work from home sweeter

An adjustable standing desk that is spacious with two monitors
Adjustable standing desks prevent back pain when you work from home/ amazon

If you are anything like and you love your work then you can work for hours and not get tired until you stand and your back starts aching. My millennial girls definitely get this. You work from home so you can work when standing for a few hours and this adjustable standing desk helps you do that. The fact that it relieves back pain was a bonus for me.

I love the FEZIBO standing desk because it has extra space, cable management, a filing cabinet, and most important an anti-fatigue mat. Completely awesome!

2. Ergonomic chair that’s just comfortable

pink ergonomic executive chair for your home office
Leave your dining chair and use this chair/ amazon

Leave it to me to choose pink (I love everything pink). If you work from home then you need a comfortable chair to work from instead of that dining room chair- that is definitely not comfortable. The perfect office chair is not only comfortable but also makes your home office setup more productive.

I love this ergonomic chair because it’s comfortable and affordable.

3. This Amazing Wireless Mouse

Sometimes using your laptop’s touchpad gets tiring and I honestly think that using this wireless mouse from Logitech just makes your work from home experience more comfortable. Especially if you work for hours. Trust me your hands will thank you instead of saying ‘ouch!’

4. This Cute Selfie Ring Light

Selfie ring light for your zoom calls and (TikTok)/ Amazon

Lighting is so important. It makes your video quality that much better, especially if you don’t have access to natural light. This is the perfect solution for all your zoom meetings and shhh your TikTok videos too 😉.

5. This fancy water bottle keeps you hydrated.

The aesthetic bottle by the Blendie shop
Courtesy of The Blendie Shop

This aesthetic bottle by The Blendie™ Shop is amazing. I love it because of the daily drink reminders. It keeps you hydrated the whole day.

6. This candle that smells expensive but is not really expensive

This Terrarium candle is so cute I used it as a decoration for the longest time

I used to buy candles for the aethetic but once I used this, it made my house smell so good. The scent reminds me my grandmother’s home when it rains. It’s this pine and vanilla scent that I absolutely love.

7. The best multi-device bluuetooth keyboard

Multi-device wireless keyboard for windows, Ipad, Android phones, and Mac OS.

When I work from the coffee shop most times, I don’t bring my laptop with me and with this it actually feels like you are typing on your computer even if you use your phone or tablet. It works perfectly.

8. This Humidifier and Diffuser that you can use with your favorite essential oils

This beautiful Asakuki humidifier and Amazon’s choice/ Amazon

I am a zen person most times and I use a diffuser when I’m doing yoga so this humidifier and diffuser is a must-have for the productivity of my work from home space.

9. This Aesthetic and Functional Acrylic Desk Organizer

Acrylic desk organizer that has different drawers to store your pens, notebooks, planner, and tablet.
Courtesy of Amazon

Make messy cute with this functional acrylic desk organizer. A tidy desk makes your girl more productive. This desk organizer can be used to store your notebooks, planners, pens, sticky motes and most importantly it’s so stylish.

10. Wireless on-ear headphones

Listen to your work from home playlist with these headphones

If you are anything like me and you like listening to music while you work from home then this is a must-have for you. I love this because with my work playlist, I get to work with no distractions and I love it.

11. This Stylish Blue Light Glasses

blush pink blue light glasses and a blush pink pouch

The reality of working from home is that you spend hours on your commputer and that’s not good for your eyes. I needed the blue light glasses because I was spending hours on my computer whether to work on client work, write blog posts, create my digital products, and content planning. My normal glasses were not meant for staying on the computer for long.

12. Digital Planner

For all your digital planning needs get this planner by the planners collective

I am obsessed with planning and mainly digital planning. Normally I create a digital planner at the beginning of the year but this year I was busy with client work but I found a digital planner that works for me. It’s by my favorite planner shop on Etsy.

13. This amazing laptop stand

woman using a Macbook using a laptop stand

Make working from home easier with this laptop stand.It helps with back pain and neck pain. It is honestly the perfect height. I use this together with my wireless keyboard and mouse.

14. Desk Lamp

desk lamp surrounded by notebooks and pens

Add extra lighting your work from home space with this desk lamp. The desk lamp adds more light to make your TikToks pop-ahem- i mean zoom calls.

15. Temperature Control Mug

woman pouring coffee into Ember's temperature control mug

Keep your coffee hot with the temperature control mug by Ember. You can control how hot it stays with your smart phone.

That’s it for me on this work from home essentials list. I hope now you can add items to your home office to make it a more productive space.

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