Do you own an online business and market your brand online? In the likelihood that you do, I’d love to tell you why Pinterest marketing is worth your while. Plus I’m explaining why you should hire a Pinterest manager to manage your Pinterest account.

With Pinterest patience is a virtue, but the endgame is just so rewarding. Publishing new and high-quality content for your Pinterest will help grow your business over time. According to Pinterest statistics, there are more than 400 million Pinterest users monthly. Talk about a massive amount of opportunity to expose your brand! If you own a website, you can use Pinterest to boost your web traffic.

Pinterest managers are in high demand. Social media management is a popular service among freelancers, contractors, and VAs. I started working as a Pinterest VA months ago and offer my own Pinterest services now.


A virtual assistant (VA) is a contractor, freelancer, or employee that provides services to other businesses.  A VA is a type of remote assistant that provides administrative, creative, or technical support for online or brick-and-mortar business owners.  VAs are generally self-employed independent individuals.

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Well, a Pinterest manager helps bloggers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and creatives grow their online presence, brick-and-mortar store, or freelance services through the social media platform Pinterest. A Pinterest VA with more experience is also known as a Pinterest Manager.

There is a variety of work that Pinterest managers and virtual assistants can offer. Here is a basic list of services:

  • Design Pinterest graphics
  • Review and analyze Pinterest analytics and insights
  • Use Tailwind to manage and schedule Pinterest content
  • Create and monitor Pinterest advertisements (also known as Promoted Pins)

These services can help business owners focus on creating content for their business. Then they can hire a Pinterest virtual assistant to manage their Pinterest and promote their business. 

  1. Creating a Pinterest Business Account

If you haven’t already, or if your account is still personal, your Pinterest virtual assistant can create a business account for you. Switching to a Pinterest business account offers more benefits, especially if you intentionally use Pinterest to reach a larger audience, increase traffic, or engage your target market. Some of the perks of having a business account are having access to Pinterest Analytics, promoting Pins, and creating Rich Pins. 

2. Design Pinterest Graphics

Creating Pinterest graphics is the first step you should take before publishing anything on Pinterest. Pinterest also provides guidelines for creating pin graphics. 

3. Pinterest Keyword Research

Every pin published should have a title and brief descriptions that can tell pinners what the pin is about. Pinterest keyword research is the first thing you need to do if you’re going to market your business on the platform. Virtual assistants can look into the keywords to apply to each pin and use the keywords to rank your pins and boards to get them to show up in Pinterest search.

4. Scheduling Pins

Pinterest VAs can manually publish pin content. It’s simple to schedule pins ahead of time using Tailwind. Tailwind allows you to schedule pins to multiple boards. Once you have a pinning schedule and routine set, you won’t be spending hours behind your screen, waiting for the right time to pin a post.

5. Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest analytics are really useful and keep getting better and better. Referral traffic from Pinterest is also recorded in Google Analytics.

 6. Pinterest Advertising

Promoted pins are amazing. First, they’re inexpensive. Second, after the promotion period ends, your promoted pins live forever on Pinterest. A Pinterest virtual assistant can work with their clients to decide on what kind of content to promote. Once that’s done, a PVA can create and manage the promoted content on Pinterest. Pinterest managers stay up to date on what’s changing over at Pinterest. They keep their clients informed on what’s performing well for their business. They make suggestions on areas of improvement. 

You can easily hire a VA from anywhere in the world to outsource your Pinterest management. They have very flexible schedules. Pinterest can take several months to see promising results. Hang in there! Like I said before with Pinterest, patience is a virtue. Once there is consistent progress, that success will come, and when it’s here, it takes off!


Keep Your Account Updated and Well-Engaged: A Pinterest virtual assistant can help create and schedule Pins to improve your Pin rank. They can also help to consistently repin other users’ posts to maintain a high engagement rate.

No More Overwhelming Research: From content matter to keyword research, your Pinterest virtual assistant can do it for you in a comprehensive way.

You Want to Save Time: You can save more valuable time for other essential tasks by allowing them to manage your business account.

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