The other day I was on a 1:1 marketing call with a client and one of the questions I asked her is what systems do you have in place for your business. She was like huh? What do you mean? So, I thought I would briefly discuss the 4 systems you absolutely need in your business if you want it to grow. I should mention they are easy to set up and easy to automate. If you need more help sign up for a 1:1 marketing session and I will help you do it.

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What Are Systems?

The way I look at it, they are procedures of how you run your business. They give clarity and automation to your business.

When I was a Public Relations officer, we used to prepare for everything including a disaster or a scandal. That’s why systems should be in place. To prepare your business for everything. You should know how you will approach sales, how you will get traffic, how you will produce for your business, and finally how to deliver.

1. Sales Systems

How do you approach sales? Do you have a sales funnel for your business?

You absolutely need a sales funnel and here is the thing, a sales funnel is like a romantic relationship. Just like a relationship, you have to build up to it before getting married. When you look at sales like this trust me you will never sell to your audience like a saleswoman because let’s be honest they won’t buy from you if all you do is sell always.

The goal is to show a lot of people your products or services. The various ways to do this is by hosting a workshop, offering a leadmagnet, or putting your products/ services on your website. After that, you have their emails. It’s time to create an email sequence. An email sequence that is successful will build a relationship with your audience unless you are doing a promotion it maay be different.

We use mailerlite for our email sequences. For example, if you have given them the freebie, Introduce yourself and hey don’t be afraid to let your personality shine, next your why, and so on. Basically, the goal is to build a relationship with your audience before pitching your products, services or even your signature course.

What is your sales system let’s chat about it.

the 4 systems a business needs for growth
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2. Systems For Traffic

In the sales portion we talked about the main goal being to get a lot of people to see your products, services or courses. The main question you have to ask yourself is how do I get traffic to my business? The way truth is, just because your business is online doesn’t mean people will know automatically your business exists.

There are different ways to get traffic to your business. They include: Pinterest, Youtube, Podcast, Word of mouth through Affiliate marketing, and Ads.

By now, you know I love organic traffic and that’s why in the beginning I would not recommend ads. Pinterest is a visual search engine that directs a lot of traffic to your business and website within a few months.

I recommend if you are a beginner, go all in with one traffic source at first. Also, whichever traffic source you choose, you need to be consistent if you want to get traffic for your business.Don’t do Pinterest, Youtube, Podcasting all at the same time. You can add a second traffic system as your business grows. This one mistake I did when I was a rookie online entrepreneur.

3. Production Systems

This is how you will produce your products, services, and content. This looks different on different businesses. Let discuss them.

For physical products, the production system could be how you make your products. Who will help you in the process. For example vendors, making of the actual products and how many times you actually need to make the products so that you never run out incase you get a lot of customers.

Digital products on the other hand are a breeze and why I love them. All you have to do is create them once and you are good to go. For my business apart from the services we create digital products and production systems consists of designing and production. For example, at the moment I am creating a course for Pinterest Virtual assistants and i have already designed all the materials for the course but now I have to produce. Which roughly includes deciding on launch date, shooting the videos, creating the sales page, creating the landing page on thinkific( which is where I will host my course) and also outline my launch goals.

For services, your production system is pretty straight forward and simple. If you have other people working with you this is easy but I prefer you automate your business so that you and your team don’t get burnt out. How I have automated my business is by using Dubsado as a CRM, Asana and Notion for managing the business side of things, Tailwind and Later for Pinterest and Instagram batching, and Mailerlite for email automations.

4. Systems for Delivery

This is your systems of getting your product or service to your client. For physical and digital products this process is pretty simple and straight-forward. For example, if you purchase our templates, you get an email that gives you access to the templates.

For our services, we have a whole different system in place. This is where Dubsado plays a big role. So, when you contact us, we set up a free discovery call if we are a good fit, next is payment then you get a questionnaire & a contract, then since I’m a strategist that’s the next thing is creating a plan, and more especially since our clients have us retainer basis for at least 3 months. There is a lot that goes into place that’s why you need to figure what works for you and your business.

Systems Recap

As you can see, the main goal of creating these systems is so you can scale your business with automations. These systems are part of a well-oiled machine for your business. At face value it may seem complicated but it’s made easier using a business plan. I know most entrepreneurs dread creating a business plan but you don’t need to create a 10-page business plan. With my help you can create a one-page business plan that outlines your business so you can achieve your goals and grow your business. Let’s grow your business together.



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