Pinterest vs Instagram: Which is Best for Your Business

  Are you trying to grow a marketing strategy for your own business? Do you want to know where you should invest your time and energy? Let me be clear, I’m not saying that you should choose only Pinterest vs Instagram.

In my opinion, you can absolutely have both, I just wanted to share the main differences in this post, so you’ll be able to make a conscious decision for your business.

Ask yourself if this was a wrestling match and it was Pinterest vs Instagram who would for your business or would it be a tie? That’s what we have to figure out for you.


Instagram is definitely a social media platform like Twitter or Facebook. People will mostly scroll through their feed, watch stories and engage with others; their likes, comments, and sending messages. They don’t search for something specific on Instagram.

Pinterest is usually defined as a social media platform but it’s a search engine tool like Google. This is why Keywords are very important in Pinterest. When somebody types the words on the search bar, they’ll get the results that Pinterest considers that are the most relevant. A pin that was published months ago can still be found today!  


On Instagram, the success of your post depends on the engagement it gets the first hours it’s posted(especially the first hour). If it doesn’t get many likes or comments, Instagram won’t show it a lot. You can always experiment with Instagram Stories, hashtags, or tweaking your images, but the life span will be limited anyway.

With the new Instagram update, an Instagram reel may do more for your Instagram page. The awesome thing about Pinterest is that a pin can be seen even months or years after it was published! If it has good keywords and a great image, Pinterest will consider it good content and it will be shown in the feed when a person is searching for a particular topic or product.

Pinterest vs Instagram
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You may be surprised when you hear this number, but 90% of people say Pinterest gives them ideas for products to purchase! This means that there are many people who will go to Pinterest before shopping. This is very interesting to know especially if you’re selling a product or a service because your customer is not on Pinterest just to be inspired by beautiful photos, but also because they have a need and you can cover it!

You may surely sell on Instagram, I’ve seen many people selling on Stories and I think it’s great if it works for them, but the main reason people are on Instagram in the first place is that they want to be inspired, be motivated, and connect to other people.

  What do think? Which is the best fit for your business? Which one meets your needs and your customers’ needs? Let’s be honest though it’s Pinterest right? But as a Pinterest Manager, I’m a little biased but at the same time, I still love Instagram; the interaction and connection with other people. Eventually, I realized that for your business Pinterest works wonders. Pinterest usually drives more traffic to websites. My Recommendation? If you can, use both! 

Then see which one gets you more traffic and then decide accordingly where to spend your time and energy! In case of any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

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