If you’ve discovered using Pinterest marketing for your business, then you know that it’s marketing gold. Yet, you may be struggling with how to best leverage this information to help your business. This is where a Pinterest manager comes in. If you don’t have a Pinterest marketing strategy, you’re not seeing results, or you simply have other things to focus on, Pinterest Management Services can help get your business where it needs to go.

Pinterest is great for saving fashion, home inspo, recipes, and DIY but did you know that Pinterest can also explode your blog or business? That’s right, you can post your blog posts to Pinterest and grow your blog massively!

What is Pinterest & How Does it Work?

Pinterest is a social media platform and a visual search engine where users explore, share, and store visual content they find inspiring, useful, or entertaining. Pinterest was first launched in January 2010, and there are now over 400 million active monthly users. Users will add, or “Pin,” their favorite content to boards with a common theme. This allows them to keep content organized and showcase their interests to other users.

In order to grow your blog or your website on Pinterest, you need to understand how it works. Pinterest is a search engine. People use Pinterest to look for solutions to problems, or inspiration. It is not like Instagram, Tik Tok, or Youtube where people are looking for entertaining content. This is a super important concept to understand.

Different people use Pinterest in different ways – in pretty much any niche, there are people pinning that type of content on Pinterest. Whether it is recipes, inspiring articles, or gorgeous images, there are people searching for your niche on Pinterest. If you aren’t sure, hop on Pinterest right now and type in a few keywords for your niche and see what type of articles pop up. For example, if you are a mental health blogger, type in “tips for anxiety.”

On Pinterest, there are both personal and business accounts. Pinterest business accounts are especially advantageous if you’re looking to showcase and market your products and services. With this type of account, the platform will give you access to Pinterest analytics, visual search tools, a native video player, and the ability to run Pinterest ads (only if interested).

Let’s discuss how to create a Pinterest business account, how you can get started marketing it, and how you can boost your brand to the next level with Pinterest management services.

Pinterest marketing ultimate beginner guide

How to Use your Account for Pinterest Marketing & More.

I recommend using the following steps to market your brand using a Pinterest business account.


Pinterest allows you to share content on Pinterest boards. You can have as many boards as you’d like. Most people will organize their boards according to a certain theme, idea, plan, or inspiration. This allows other users to find the content they search for. Since Pinterest is a visual content platform and pinners will seek out visually appealing content. Here are some tips to guide you:

  • Create and share branded videos to promote your company. Videos that are 30 to 90 seconds long do their best on the platform. Pinterest stories work very well too.
  • Create specific boards that share helpful images of your business potential customers can use these as both an inspiration and a resource. 

You’ll also be able to build in live links, and users will be able to click through to written content. You can link to your website or your blog, which is an advantageous way to drive traffic. You can create “group boards” to increase engagement and interaction with your profile.

One of the key components of marketing on Pinterest is choosing the right categories for your content to be shared in. This way, your audience can discover your content. Creating compelling content and sharing those content in the right places on the platform is one of the best ways to build your community.


In any communication, nothing is meant to be one-sided. Similarly, no social media site is meant to be one-sided. By using Pinterest marketing, you’re hoping to engage with your followers and fans. They can interact with your boards and become part of the community that regularly views your content. Through this, you can drive traffic to your website and boost sales. 

Things you can do to build your audience/ community are:

  • Promote your Pinterest account on other social networks e.g Instagram
  • Use hashtags and keywords in your posts as this can help attract people searching for topical content
  • You can use Influencer Marketing
  • Pay for a Pinterest ads account to run ads on the platform

Also, remember that building a community doesn’t happen overnight. It will take time to build a following, especially a quality following! Focus on the amount of engagement you are getting.


When you are a small business, it can be hard to keep up with Pinterest’s marketing strategies. It takes time, effort, and money all of which you may be short on. However, this platform is often accessible because it’s inexpensive and impactful for those who use it.

You’ll not only increase your brand awareness, but you’ll also drive traffic to your website. If you’re not sure where to begin, a Pinterest management service or Pinterest manager may be a good start. A Pinterest manager will help you reach your target audience and engage users on Pinterest.


Pinterest is a marketing tool for small and large brands alike. It can help you gain organic brand awareness while increasing sales, boosting conversions, and building a community. 

If you’re feeling lost or looking to boost your rankings, hire a Pinterest manager. Pinterest management services are specifically designed to help you build brand awareness by creating pins, joining boards and tribes, scheduling pins, monitoring your results, and so much more. If you’re currently in need of a Pinterest Manager, feel free to contact me here.

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