Do you want more ears to your podcast? Of course, you do! You have worked hard to plan, record, edit and drop all that value. You know that there are people who would benefit from listening to your podcast if they discover you.

Keep in mind is that when Pinterest is set up strategically, it can be used to grow your audience, drive traffic to your show notes & episodes(monetized), and grow the number of listeners& subscribers. How powerful is that?

marketing your podcast on Pinterest

Strategies for Marketing Your Podcast on Pinterest

Start/ Convert a Pinterest Business Account

With Pinterest marketing, you have to be strategic. So, you need to figure out first whether you need to convert your personal account to a business account. Or, start a Pinterest Business account.

If you already have some boards, pins, and followers in your podcast niche, then it may be a good idea to convert to a Business account and the irrelevant boards, make them secret or you can start a new business account.

Benefits of a Pinterest Business Account
  • With a Pinterest business account, you have access to analytics. This way, you get to know what is working and not working for your account.
  • A business account allows you to claim your website. This helps you look legit to the Pinterest algorithm and pinners.

What Are Your Keywords?

An effective Pinterest strategy has to have an effective keyword strategy too. Unlike every social media platform, Pinterest is a visual search engine.

That’s why keywords are crucial. They are the way that your audience discovers your podcast on Pinterest. All you have to do is determine your keywords by doing some keyword strategy. Add your keywords to these areas:

  • Profile name
  • Your Bio
  • Board titles
  • Board descriptions
  • Pin Titles
  • Pin descriptions

Create Pinterest Boards

Create 5- 10 boards for your pins. Make sure you add your long-tail keywords here(after your keyword research).  Also, keep your Pinterest boards niche specific.

Create 3-5 Pin Designs Per Podcast Episode

Pinterest LOVES fresh content. So, I recommend creating 3-5 pin graphics for each episode. Don’t schedule them all out at the same time, space them all out with Tailwind.

Keep it simple. Create pin designs you can reuse or buy templates. The reason I don’t recommend using canva’s pre-designed templates is that they are used by everybody(make your pins unique instead) and they don’t always follow the Pinterest best practices.

Develop a Monthly Pinterest Plan

This is something I love doing with my clients. Once a month, develop an easy, doable, and sustainable Pinterest plan. With Pinterest, consistency is key. Why? Because Pinterest is a long-term strategy, you need to be consistent with your Pinterest plan.

And that’s it…

Promoting your podcast on Pinterest doesn’t need to be taxing and that’s what Pinterest offers. Let’s work together and create a Pinterest marketing strategy for your podcast.

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