Learning how to use Pinterest for Authors is a crucial step in revamping your book marketing game. Are you only using Instagram to market your books? Then you definitely use Pinterest too. It’s a very powerful marketing tool.

First, Pinterest is a visual search engine like Google. People will go to Pinterest and search for example for the best romance books. With the correct keywords, your potential readers will find you. Personally, the first book I ever read was a book I found on Pinterest after searching insta-love romance books which led me to Hope Ford. She is an author who really utilizes Pinterest for Authors.

pinterest marketing strategies for authors and self published authors

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual search engine and a social media platform. According to Pinterest, it has 450 million active users. It’s a platform that curates images and video, linked to website content like blog articles and you get free traffic.

As an author, there is a way you can utilize Pinterest I will show you how. Pinterest is not only for recipes and DIY ideas. Pinners go to Pinterest to get inspired, do research and gather information. Personally, I use Pinterest for recipes, decor ideas, romance books, and DIY projects. It inspires me.

The Main Reason Why You Should Use Pinterest to Market Your Books

Pinterest Marketing for Authors

When you share a post on a site like Instagram, you’re presenting your book to your audience on your own timetable. And while you may see a quick boost of traffic to your site, anyone who isn’t ready to buy your book won’t.

Not because they don’t like you or won’t enjoy your book, but because it’s not on their list right then.

Pinterest, on the other hand, sends targeted traffic of people more likely to purchase your book because they were searching for it.

What’s more, Pinterest pins have a longer life span and can be seen for months or years by your audience unlike Instagram or Twitter posts which will get engagement the first hours they are posted.

5 Tips on How to Use Pinterest as an Author

  1. Research your target audience and build boards surrounding concepts that your potential audience may search for. Think of yourself as the reader and not the author!
  2. Build several boards that will fit your books, characters, your inspirations, blog posts, and everything else related to your writing.
  3. Develop a Pinterest strategy that includes a pinning strategy and schedule.
  4. Use your existing social accounts to build your followers by linking to your Instagram and Facebook profiles.
  5. Helping other authors and writers through tutorials and advice.
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