There are certain times of the year that people are more likely to search for specific things than they do at other times of the year. One way I am trying to help you DIY your Pinterest pages is by giving you monthly suggestions on keywords for that particular month. So today we are looking at October Pinterest trends. Why is it important to know these keywords?

  • To help you curate content that your audience wants to see
  • To help you create appropriate content for your website



When October rolls around, “fall” is huge, and with fall comes Halloween. Halloween is quickly becoming bigger than Christmas on Pinterest. Need a costume idea? You can find thousands of ideas for costumes on Pinterest.

October Pinterest
  • Halloween Party Decorations
  • DIY Halloween Outdoor Decorations
  • Halloween wedding ideas
  • DIY Family Halloween Costumes
  • Adult Halloween Party Games
  • Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Fashion & Beauty

Fashion is always a hot topic on Pinterest and fall fashion is no different. Boots, cardigans, sweaters, long sleeves, and scarves are the rage during this season. Don’t forget to curate plenty of content on fall hairstyles and fall nails. This is a hugely popular topic on Pinterest.

October Pinterest Trends
  • Fall Nails Acrylic
  • Casual Street Style Outfits for Fall
  • Fall Outfits Classy
  • Autumn MakeUp Trends
  • Holiday Party Outfits
  • Men Fall Fashion Trends

Food & Drinks

When you hear Fall food what comes into your mind? It’s probably the same things as some of the most popular search terms: apples, pumpkin pie, caramel, etc. Now is the time to get creative in the kitchen and make some yummy fall recipes. If you aren’t much of a cook,  curate the best of the fall recipes for your boards.

October Pinterest Trends
  • Easy Pumpkin Spice Muffins
  • Pumpkin latte
  • Crockpot recipes
  • Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

Home & Gardening

October Pinterest Trends
  • Fall Porch Decor
  • Holiday Decor Inspirations
  • Fall Home Decor Living Room
  • Halloween Decor
  • Fall Flowers to Plant

Health, Wellness & Fitness

October Pinterest Trends
  • Healthy Halloween Treats
  • Holiday Fitness routine
  • Healthy Thanksgiving
  • Holiday Stress-Reducing Ideas


I know what you are thinking. But Thanksgiving isn’t in October. I know it isn’t but pinners are planners and you need to be pinning Thanksgiving content now!  If you have content from last year on recipes, crafts, or decor, go ahead and start pinning those once or twice a week so they get picked up in search. You may get some huge traffic spikes the very week of Thanksgiving but only if you have the pins already circulating.

Traffic tends to spike during the holiday season every year.

I hope all of this has been helpful for you. Take action! Find out what your top ten pins are and go update those posts. And be sure to comment below telling me your successes and asking your questions. I love to hear your ideas and your creativity because it gives me new ideas!

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