Are you ready to take your social media marketing and email marketing game to the next level with these June content ideas? I know it’s been long since I gave you content ideas for months but these posts take a lot of research and I have been busy with clients but I am finally back by getting into June content ideas.

I usually give you these content ideas so that you can have not only post ideas, but also find a way you incorporate them in your content strategy. Let me explain this quickly. When creating a content marketing strategy, we create content pillars or content buckets that determine a lot in your strategy. What I recommend to my clients, no matter the content pillars, we create, one of the pillars has to help you connect genuinely with your audience. Let me stop there otherwise I could talk strategy for hours 😅 it’s my jam. If you want to to talk strategy book a free call with me here and we will talk.

Okay let’s get to it with the June content ideas.

How To Use These June Content Ideas

These content ideas are for almost everyday and realistically, it’s not possible to post on Instagram daily. Pinterest is a different story because hello automated pins.

Choose the days that you actually want to post and also what will resonate with you and your audience. Whichever day you decide to post make sure your content is actually relatable with audience otherwise you will get crickets and no engagement. For a moment put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes. What are their interests outside of business? Is she or he an outdoor person or a homebody (like me)? What are their favorite foods or drinks? I mean just because they are mainly there for your business related content, doesn’t mean they don’t want to talk about other topics like desserts, wine and so on.

June Content Ideas for Instagram Posts

1st June: Global day of parents.

This one was created by the UN General Assembly with the goal of honoring parents everywhere in the world. You can use #GlobalDayofParents as a hashtag.

2nd June: Rocky Road Day.

I love Rocky road who doesn’t? Rocky road ice cream is my weakness. This sweet dessert is popular around the world. Use #RockyRoadDay as a hashtag.

June contentent ideas
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4th June: National Cheese Day and National Doughnut Day

Cheese just give your food that extra kick and then bam food coma. Anyway this is cheese day. Hashtag to use #NationalCheeseDay.

At this point we have established I love everything desserts. Do we really need a doughnut day to eat doughnuts? I know I don’t but it’s a great excuse. Use #NationalDoughnutDay or #NationalDonutDay as a hashtag.

5th June: World Environment Day.

The environment is important for our human existence. That’s why the United Nations created this project to encourage awareness and action for the proctection of our environment. Hashtag to use #WorldEnvironmentDay.

5th June: National Cancer Survivor Day

The first Sunday is held to celebrate cancer survivors. If you are a cancer survivor you can use this to tell your story and inspire others going through it. Many have not survived this disease including my dad so trust me you would be an inspiration that would them fight. Use the hashtag #NCSD2022.

8th June: Bestfriends Day

We all have a bestfriend or a few bestfriends. They are like diamonds. You could use a quote about friendship or something your bestfriend once said that had an impact share it with your community. Use #BestFriendsDay.

10th June: National Iced Tea Day

With summer, a lot of people enjoy iced tea as their go-to drink. Hashtag to use #IcedTeaDay.

12th June: Superman Day

In 2013, DC entertainment declared this day Superman man day in honor of superman. Use #SupermanDay.

15th June: Nature Photography Day

If you have outdoor pictures that showcase the beauty of nature, this is the day to post them. Create a game with your followers and ask them to tag you in their nature photos and repost to your stories a few that capture your eye. Use #NaturePhotographyDay.

16th June: World Sea Turtle Day

This beautiful and majestic creatures get a day to celebrate them. If you are passionate about wildlife and animals this is a great content idea for you. Use #WorldSeaTurtleDay.

18th June: International Sushi Day

June content ideas
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Calling all my sushi lovers out there. 18th June is International sushi day. Use #SushiDay.

19th June: Father’s Day

Here we celebrate Father’s day on the third sunday but in some places this may be different. Celebrate those amazing fathers. Use #FathersDay.

20th June: World Productive Day

For most entrepreneurs we could use a little more productivity in not only business aspects but also life. Use #WorldProductivityDay.

21st June: International Yoga Day

Personally, I love yoga since i started beginning of 2021. This day is for raising awareness on the health benefits of yoga. Use #InternationalYogaDay.

25th June: Global Beatles Day

The impact of the Beatles is legendary and can be felt even today. Hey Siri, play hey Jude! Use #GlobalBeatlesDay.

30th June: Social Media Day

Celebrate Social media day on 30th June. Most brands have seminars or workshops with social media speakers and experts. Use #SocialMediaDay as a hashtag.

June Content Ideas for Pinterest

Pinterest algorithm loves trends and when you create content before it becomes a trending topic, you have a bigger chance of appearing first in search.

June Pinterest Trends

Summer: Do you have summer content? Then it’s time to revive that amazing content. This may include; summer holidays, summer fashion, what to pack for summer holidays and roadtrips. Summer drinks for example, cocktails and mocktails and food really do well on the platform around this time.

june content ideas, june Pinterest trends, summer wedding trends  on Pinterest
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Summer Weddings: Calling all wedding photographers, and wedding content creators, it’s time to get that content out there and get traffic to your business. Right now, pinners are searching wedding ideas, wedding dresses, and wedding photography ideas. The past two years have been hard because of covid people couldn’t get their dream wedding but now the world is openning up so inspire them to have that dream wedding.

4th July: If your audience is in the US, this is will connect with that audience. Example of content ideas include; barbecues, family reunions, fireworks, picnics and crafts. Just to name a few.

In Conclusion

I have given you so many content ideas for June and the good thing is these can be used in your email marketing too. For example, On Father’s day you can write a Father’s day newsletter to celebrate the Father figure in your life.

In marketing we have to be planners and that’s why you need to think ahead. Let me know which June content ideas you use.

Have fun creating that content.



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