January Pinterest Trends are coming at you today. If you haven’t started pinning for January yet you should start now. You may be wondering what you should be pinning though. That my Pinterest bestie is why I’m here yet again talking about trends. Before we dig into the January Pinterest trends, let’s first let’s talk about some big tasks you need to evaluate as a business owner.

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Right now, I know you are hearing a lot about New Year’s resolutions and choosing a highlight of the year. It’s so easy to just shut down and want to bury your head in the sand and wait for it to all go away so you can get back to business as usual.

I totally understand that but making a business plan for the year is one of the best things you can do to grow this year and avoid wasted time. While creating a Pinterest strategy, think of how to diversify your business. Think about how you can increase the amount of traffic you are getting from Pinterest. At the core of your strategy remember at the end of the day it is about the end-user( Pinterest users).

Pin Savvy Media January Goals: Vision Sparks Creativity

I want to talk about our goals at Pin Savvy Media going into the new year. These are some of the questions I asked myself going to the new year.

  • Where are we going as a business( this question sparked our rebrand)
  • Where am I going as a creator and professional in the Pinterest space
  • What does this year hold for Pin Savvy Media?

It is crucial for me as the owner of this business that I not get distracted and that I have a plan for the year. At its core, Pin Savvy Media is a service-based business. If my focus moves away from that, the business won’t grow in the direction that it needs to.


January calendar on a glittery surface
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The New Year for many brings a fresh start and a new outlook on life. Sounds familiar, right? Does your audience plan for New Year’s Resolutions?

What we are going to focus on for January pinning is going to be that fresh start people are looking for. A fresh planner, a fresh outlook on productivity, working out, eating right… you name it there is a fresh start for nearly everything! Pinterest calls this the “back to life” spike in traffic. The holidays are over and we are all getting back to a somewhat normal routine.

New Years Resolution

January is the time of year when people are looking forward to a fresh start or even a clean slate. On Pinterest, they are looking for ways to take action and make a change. They want a fresh start on basically everything. Personally, I get a fresh new planner for my new year goals.

People on Pinterest are setting goals and looking for things to help them fulfill their dreams.

Budgeting & Pay Off Debts

Going into the new year, pinners have probably spent a lot of money on travel, gifts, big family dinners and they’ve taken a lot of time off of work. They are going to be more likely to stick to a budget so they can pay off any of the debt they accumulated during the holiday season.

In January they are going to be more budget-conscious. So, look for a way to offer them a solution. During this time if you know how to budget, make sure those blog posts and idea pins go out.

Organization & Decluttering

The holiday season is over and people are now putting those decorations they had out in the basement or garage. It’s a new year which means they may need a fresh round of decluttering and organizing.

My good client Jenna is a great example. When managing her account I noticed that her board on “How to declutter with ease” gets viral in January a lot.

Goal Planning

It’s January and that means that pinners are looking to set goals for the year and with a new quarter starting businesses are also looking to set new goals.

Now is the time to start getting those new planners out there, goal planning content, and ideas on how to actually achieve those goals.

Fitness & Healthy Eating

We have all seen the gym during the first 2 weeks of the year… In fact, I have seen the gym industry offering discounts and targeting me in ads to sign up for a gym membership. January is a time when some people are starting a new fitness regimen and your content may be able to help them stick to it once and for all!

Personally, I like eating healthy but during the holidays it’s so hard so I indulge myself. The new year is a time when those same pinners who are looking to get into a fitness regimen are also looking for routines that will help them to eat better.

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and will start trending on Pinterest around the middle of January. Everybody is still on chocolate overload from Christmas right now, so hold off for another couple of weeks on any chocolate-heavy Valentine’s pins. Right now, you’ll see nails and fashion inspired by Valentine’s Day.

January Action Tip

Clean up your blog posts that are going to be a big hit during the New Year. Check for broken links and see if you can create an opt-in specific to that post. That’s called a content upgrade and it’s specific to each post.

Evaluate the group boards you are in. Leave any group boards that are spammy or ineffective. Also, right now in 2021/2022, group boards are slowly dying out so, if you are not in one then there is no need to join new group boards.

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