Formerly known as story pins. They are multi-page video graphics. As long as you have a Pinterest Business account, you can create them. You can use idea pins to create inspiring content and build a more engaged audience. Especially with the new update where your audience can do new takes of your pin. They are not like stories on other social media platforms because they last and never expire. The biggest goal of these graphics is to get pinners to your Pinterest account.

Pro Tip: Right now, Pinterest is prioritizing video content and idea pins.

idea pins: this is meant to show you how to create idea pins and how to use them
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How to Create Idea Pins

  1. Log in to your Pinterest Business Account.
  2. When you click the + button, you have the option of creating a pin or board. Click on the Idea pin.
  3. Add your images and videos. You can add up to 20. I recommend that your first page be a video.
  4. You can create text, stickers, @mention, and product tags on different pages.
  5. Once you have reviewed it, click next to put the finishing touches before it’s published.
  6. Choose a title, cover image, your board, add the relevant tags, allow comments, allow new takes, and a list.


The main goal for Pinterest has always been to drive traffic to your website right? But with idea pins, it’s different. With that in mind, you may ask yourself why should I use them? The biggest reason is that you can reach a new audience. The three other reasons are product tagging for more sales, these pins get you more exposure on Pinterest, and the last one is a bit controversial depending on which Pinterest strategist you ask- they might help your regular pins get more exposure.

Have you tried out idea pins? If you have trouble figuring out how to use Idea pins in your Pinterest marketing strategy or want more support, check out my Pinterest strategy services and book a call here.

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