One question  about Pinterest marketing in my DMs is, “do I need a blog to get results with Pinterest marketing?” The answer is simply no. I have a couple of clients who don’t a one and Pinterest is still their number #1 traffic driver.

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As I have previously said in this post, blogs are an effective tool that builds trust with your potential audience without sounding like a salesperson. On top of that, you can position yourself as legit and an expert in your niche.

Build trust with your potential audience in another way. Creativity is key here

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how to market on Pinterest without a blog
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Strategies for Marketing on Pinterest Without a Blog

An Optimized Well-laid Out Website

If you want your website to convert leads to customers, then you need to make it user-friendly and you need to make sure that once they get there they feel secure and comfortable turning over their money.

Utilize Seasonality

When working with my Pinterest strategy clients, we include seasonality in the strategy. For example, beginning of January, start advertising for your Valentine’s day sale, collection, or offer.

You could also have categories with a seasonal focus. For example, if you sell candles, you could have candle scents for the fall season. It will always be different for every business. For example, here at Pin Savvy Media, we offer FREE Spring Pinterest account clean-up. Just be creative with it.

Email List Opt-In

You need a new way to build trust with your audience. With an opt-in, you will be able to build your email list. With an email list, you will let your audience get to know you, build the trust factor, and market to them too.

Connect Your Instagram to Pinterest

I usually recommend all my clients connect their Instagram to their Pinterest accounts. The Instagram audience is hot while the Pinterest audience is cold. With Instagram, you can show personality and give more context to your business. So, you most likely create content for Instagram weekly right? Use IFTTT to automatically post your IG posts to Pinterest.


Infographics are long-form pins. They get a lot of traction on Pinterest. The purpose of infographics is to give people enough information to get them interested and have them wanting more so they will click over to your website.

For example, if you are a Pinterest virtual assistant, you can create an infographic with 3 benefits of working with a Pinterest VA and have that lead to your services page that goes into more depth on what they’re going to get out of working with you.

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