Are you ready to create a content calendar? Notion is amazing for this! I promise you’re going to love this one. In this blog post, you get a sneak peek at a simplified version of the content calendar I use. I will show you how to set up one on your own and by the end, if you feel you don’t want to create it, you can get my free content calendar template. Everything I know about Notion is from Trial and error, watching Youtube Tutorials mainly by Thomas Frank. This content calendar tutorial is for Notion beginners.

Why Notion is My Favorite Tool

For some time I struggled with having to run my business with different apps and honestly it was a hustle until I switched to Notion. I basically use it to manage my business from my blogging content, my courses, my team, and so on.

As a planner, If I don’t know what I’m doing and what I’m supposed to be working on that week, I won’t be productive in my business. Now, Notion is not just some simple spreadsheet, it also has a database kind of functionality. For example, in my Blog dashboard in Notion under blog status. I can see which of my blog posts are scripted and which of them are waiting to be published.

How to Create a Content Calendar with Notion

If you are thinking this is too much database and linked database then you are wondering, ” Okay how do I do this?”

Step 1: Start by clicking on the plus sign next to the word “private.” This will create a new page.

what is notion, Content calendar: how to create a content calendar with notion and you get a free content calendar template

Once you click on it, a new page is created and it will look like this:

Step 2: Select the database option- this will transform it into a spreadsheet type of page. I know some people prefer the kanban board view or calendar view, don’t worry we will cover that later.

Step 3: Now add your title and I usually choose an emoji that I like. Once that’s done, start playing with the properties.

Step 4: Now add any properties you want. I recommend a date property, status property, content pillar property, and type of content property especially if you post to more than one platform. When you are done, it will look something like this.

After that, you have a simplified content calendar.

Step 5: Let’s create new views. Click on “add view” on the top left corner of your table. Here you can create various new views like a board view, calendar view, and a few more.

Step 6: Let’s talk templates. This is a cool feature I love in Notion. Where you can create templates within your database so you don’t have to create things from scratch.

Click on the arrow beside “new” then click “add a new template.” Now you can create a template for all your platforms.

That’s how you create a content calendar in Notion. BUT WAIT!

If you’re not up to creating your content calendar from scratch I have created a template for you. Get it by filling out the form below. For those who want more help with their content marketing and content strategy, contact me and schedule a free call.

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