Let’s talk about how to best prepare for the upcoming holiday marketing season on Pinterest. My goal is to help you avoid the last-minute headache of trying to get your content onto Pinterest.

Let’s talk through being intentional about putting holiday content out at the right time so that you can get more clicks and sales this year. It’s already October which is a month too late. Pinners are planners so they start planning for the holidays as early as August.

I know it seems crazy right? But trust me it’s not!

Last year pinners started as early as April. Probably because of the pandemic.

Christmas Marketing on Pinterest


Step #1- Have a Holiday Marketing Focus

First, think of all the holidays and pick ones that perfectly fit your specific audience. Narrow down the holidays that connect best with your audience.

Step #2- Identify Holiday-Related Questions Your Audience Might Have

I have said this in previous posts and that is people who use Pinterest are looking for solutions to their queries.

So, think about the questions your audience will need solutions to. Here are a few examples:

  • How to make (holiday) decorations for your house, porch, or dining table
  • Where to get (holiday) décor
  • How to dress for a (holiday) party


Step #3- Create Holiday Marketing Content to Answer These Questions

Now determine the posts or pins you will need. You can use Google sheets. I personally use Airtable. Just choose the tool that works best for you. I brain-dump all my content ideas in Airtable. I don’t create my content here. Just the main ideas like titles.

Step #4- Are Promoted Pins Going to Be Part of Your Holiday Marketing Strategy?

To avoid the holiday rush, determine NOW if you want to run a promoted pin. Do you believe that you have already tapped out your current Pinterest audience? Run a promoted pin campaign to get a jump start on reaching new people.

A promoted pin campaign can be especially helpful for those of you who have just started on Pinterest within the last six months and you want to get in front of the exact people who would read your blog post or buy your product.

Holiday Baking


  1. Have a holiday marketing focus
  2. Identify holiday-related questions your audience might have
  3. Create holiday marketing content that answers their questions
  4. Determine whether promoted pins will be part of your holiday marketing strategy

Pinterest encourages you to start pinning 45 days in advance of the specific holiday. The way some people publish Halloween pins in September. Christmas might be a bit different.

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