Welcome back to the blog. So, I have been blogging for a few months now and realised unless we connected on Instagram, y’all don’t know much about me. That’s why today it’s all about five wild facts about me. Let’s get to it.

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1. I am quiet & introverted- Most people when they first meet me can’t believe that i
can actually talk and speak my mind. It’s as asimple as i want to see how we will
vibe and then i can my personality. I am like my grandma in that regard. I’m more of
an obverser. Y’all should really try it. You learn alot. I have been introverted for so
long that when we had to go into quarantine it was like another Tuesday for me.
Introvert life is the best.

2. I am so clumsy: I mean i have so many healed marks on my legs. It got to a point
my mom gave up. By clumsy i mean even air can me fall down and yes i am being

3. I cry when i watch anything sad/happy: I am one of those people at the climax of a
movie i will cry like a baby. I mean even Moana made me cry. So, yesterday i was
watching a movie about a sick mother with ungrateful children and i was crying the
whole time even in the funny scenes.

4. I love reading fictional books. This is part of my self-care routine. Sometimes we
need to recharge. Others will go to the spa but i will read a book in my kindle. For
me it’s an escape from reality for those few hours i’m reading the book. Do you
have a self-care routine? Let me know in the comments below.

5. I love travelling. If i could travel to every part of the world, trust me i would. My
friends think an introvert who loves travelling is weird but i love it. These days I’m into long road trips. My bucket list cities are Paris and Milan. Milan for the fashion
which is something i’m obsessed with.

That it for today what are the wild facts about you that nobody knows about? Let me

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