I talked about this the other day, one key factor to growing a Pinterest account is consistency. Batch-creating content saves you so much time. But most of the time, Pinterest ends up being the last on your list because it doesn’t seem like one of those important tasks, at least in the short term. Plus, if you don’t have an easy-to-follow workflow set in place, it’d be much harder for you to take action. In this post, I’m going to share my system where I batch 2 weeks of Pinterest pins in 2 hours.


By this I mean you have to understand what content works for your Pinterest account before creating pins and scheduling them. What you can do is look at your Pinterest analytics and Google analytics and see which of your published pins have more engagement. Single out the first 20 landing pages(blog posts). This only works if you have more content.

how to batch create pins in 2 hours
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I am assuming you want to save time right? So, this step is very crucial. Open a Google Doc or take a piece of paper. I use sticky notes to lay out what content I have to batch. Note down the title of the first 10 pins performing well, the URL for these pins, and brand color/ the fonts you used for your pins. This step takes 30 minutes.


Let’s look at it this way, you want to batch 2 weeks’ worth of pins so that’s a total of 28 pins if you schedule 2 pins daily. How many pins do you want to post daily? Divide your pins into your best-performing content and your upcoming content.


I personally love Canva because it’s easy to use but you can use Picmonkey or any other tool that you are comfortable with. You wanna know my secret? Use templates. So, have specific templates that work for you all you have to do is edit them when creating new pins. This step takes about 45 minutes- to 1 hour.

Here’s the thing when you create your pins from scratch every time you need pins, it will take so much time out of your schedule. So use templates. If you need templates custom-designed for your brand check out my pin design services here.


This step will save you so much time especially if you don’t have a Pinterest manager. Here is another secret you don’t need to pay for Tailwind because there is a free scheduler within Pinterest although you can batch-create 2 weeks’ worth of pins.

I recommend you do this on a desktop. Now open Google docs where you listed your pins and also the folder with your designed pins. Next, there is a bulk add option in the native Pinterest Scheduler. Create your pins, titles, descriptions, and URLs. Then pick the time you want the pins to go live.

Bonus tip: Do you have time in between? Post video pins and idea pins(just 2-3 per week to start with). Pinterest rewards creators who make use of their latest features, so that’ll help your account grow faster. I know most people are fans of idea pins but I’m here to tell you to get on them now!

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