I have always loved blogs since I was in high school. To my friends that was just weird but hey, don’t knock it till you try it. Blogging is a business now if you do it the right way. I always encourage my clients to add blogging into their long-term strategy for a few reasons that I will discuss later. The arguments I hear about blogs include:

  • Blogs are so 2000
  • They are so dead, have you heard about Instagram, and TikTok? That’s what’s in now!
  • I’m not a blogger. I’m a business owner, store, Etsy seller, Copywriter, Coach, Consultant, Youtuber, and Instagrammer. Okay yeah, I got it.

You may think blogging is not for you or your business. I see it differently. If you change your mindset, you will realize that you can create a niche blog that in the end will make your audience see you as an expert in that industry.

There are 5 main reasons why your business needs a blog.

5 reasons your business needs to be blogging
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Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Start Blogging

1. Attract from Social Media

Right now, you probably have these pages:

  • Homepage
  • About me page
  • Services page
  • Contact page

You can use those pages to attract people to your website.

Imagine this, with a blog, you have different posts filled with relevant content that you can use to promote your business on social media and get clients on autopilot. We discussed making your blog niche specific. So that means the people you attract from social media are your actual ideal audience.

The best thing about blogging is that with one blog post, you can convert it to different pieces of content. Check out this post to learn exactly how.

2. Improve Your SEO

Here is a lesson I learned the hard way. Your website won’t magically appear on Google. Even Harry Potter wouldn’t make it happen 🙃.

What is SEO? SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It’s the specialty of optimizing your website and blog post so that they rank high on Google. Every time someone types in a keyword or keyphrase that’s relevant to your business, your website shows up as part of the suggestions.

People go looking for answers on Google and that is why Google LOVES blogs. If you started blogging, for example, every time you launched a product, you would write about and also write about what solutions your product or service offers. Google will recommend it if it’s relevant to the keywords searched.

3. Let That Personality Shine

I’m a firm believer that everybody is unique in their way so their personality is unique too. Before reading The Mountain is You by Brianna West, I never thought anyone would be interested in my little quirks like the fact that Hawaiian pizza is my weakness( I can feel some of you screaming no).

Every business is different for example a brand like Gucci can’t add personality. This works for those of you who want to build a personal brand. A blog is a great way to show off your little quirks, personality traits, and personal values.

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4. Build That Know, Like, and Trust Factor

You need to remember that people buy from people they trust.

How to build trust with your audience:

  • Educate on topics people are struggling with within your niche. Add free tips to guide them.
  • Serve your audience. You could start by giving free content and expecting nothing in return. Give them time
  • show up for your audience, ask for feedback, reply to comments, and create a community with your audience.

5. Convert Your Leads

So far, we have established that social media and eventually Google plays a part in bringing your audience to your website right? Now it’s up to you and your website to convert these leads into clients.

The people from Google mostly are categorized as cold traffic. While the people who found you through social media are warm traffic. You will need to convert the cold to warm and the warm to hot leads. In your weekly newsletter, you share your blog posts, and if you stick to it, your subscribers start to trust you.

You will need to find a email marketing platform that works for your business needs and one that is easy to use. Personally, I trust Mailerlite.

Benefits Of Blogging For Your Business


Let’s be honest. With the way Google SEO works, you probably have a business website that nobody visits. I mean you have creative these amazing products, offers, or services but no one visits you’re site. It’s totally normal. Just because you publish your website doesn’t mean people automatically find you. A few years ago maybe it was possible.

The truth is right now the online space is crowded and you need to find a way to stand out among that crowd. A blog attracts clients to your website.


For a second, put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Will you buy anything online from some random person or a person you trust? I’m so picky about what I buy and who I do it from. According to my bestie, I have trust issues but in this online world, scammers are everywhere.

Find a way to nurture your audience so they can trust you and care about you. If they care about you and trust you, they will buy from you.


So far, you have attracted your audience and nurtured them. Once they are there, you will have to convert them. First, make sure your website is optimized in a way that it can convert them. The one way you will convert them from followers to clients is through your email list.

Will you start blogging for your business? If yes, let me know in the comments. I can’t wait to see your blog on the internet soon. That’s it for today.

I’m off to binge-watch West wing 🍿

Lots of Love,


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