If you have an online business, you likely know the importance of building an email list. You may be asking how do I grow an email list when I don’t have a large following? I got you. Here is the thing people on this email list are like your little tribe of followers that are ready to purchase from you.

Pinterest is a game-changer. By utilizing Pinterest, it’s not just about the number of people following you like other platforms. In fact, you don’t need a large following to be able to quickly and consistently drive traffic to your freebie! How exciting is that?

Today, I’m going to share 4 ways you can use Pinterest to grow your email list and why you should get started today!

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Let me start by saying you can’t just expect Pinterest to build your email list without a clear strategy. If you have read my previous posts you know I stress having a clear strategy. You need to convert Pinterest subscribers into email subscribers. So, you need a clear path for people to follow to guide them to your offer that they will get in exchange for their email address.

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1. CONTENT UPGRADE: Send Traffic to Your Blog, Podcast/ YouTube, etc.

I love a good content upgrade. Who doesn’t? Content upgrade offers a great incentive for your audience and is an easy way to grow your email subscribers. How is this different from a general freebie?

The content upgrade is a free bonus for your audience that directly relates to the blog/ YouTube video/ podcast they’ve landed on. Essentially, it is an upgrade because it’s providing even more value to what they’re currently seeing.

Some content upgrade ideas include:

  • Quick start guide
  • Workbook
  • Checklist


When you host your freebie on its own landing page, you give your audience instant access to your opt-in content. The direct landing page has only the content or opt-in you’re promoting, essentially giving your audience one choice. This page can also be branded, giving continuity to the overall look and feel.

Follow these easy to remember rules when creating your opt-in freebie:

  • It needs to provide a solution. That means when people decide to opt-in to your content, it better be something that makes their life easier, solves a problem, or brings them joy. It doesn’t need to cure cancer but it should provide tangible value.
  • It needs to be accessible & quick. Your freebie doesn’t need to be a novel. Make it simple. Pick one problem and prove that you can provide a solution for it and – fast. Be sure they can download or print.
  • It needs to be consistent. Your freebie should support and build on the messaging behind your brand. It needs to make sense for your industry since you are an expert in that industry.


If you have been here before then you know my one secret to amazing pins for me and my clients is Canva. It’s amazing because it gives you optimal Pinterest sizes and beautiful templates so you can drag and drop in your text and images, and direct the pins right back to your site. It has ready-made templates but if you want templates tailor-made for your brand then check out my pin design services here.

And the best part? It takes 5 minutes or less to create and optimize your pins with templates.


If you’re a course creator or someone who provides online training or free courses, this is a no-brainer! Just as before, you want to create amazing pins and upload them to Pinterest, linking them to your high-end content. Ideally, you would have a welcome sequence for this content that leads your audience down the path to purchase.

Always include a call to action. In the case of the type of content in this section, your call to action could be “free webinar”, “free training” or “free course”. Also, I can’t stress this enough. Do your keyword research first before creating your pin. You need to know what your audience is searching for. Pinterest priority is what a pinner wants so if you use to do the right keywords, Pinterest will push your content to your ideal audience.


Find what works and is resonating with your audience, and start with ONE core freebie. Then grow from there. I can’t stress enough how important quality is over quantity when it comes to the lead magnet you will use to grow your email list.

Focus on experimenting and trying new things. We’re always having fun and seeing what is working. You can always optimize and strategize, so have some fun with it. It’s so, so, so important to test multiple pin images, designs, and descriptions. Check your analytics and see what works with your audience.

As a Pinterest manager, I have seen the power of Pinterest. Like I tell my clients, Pinterest is a marathon meaning it may take a few months for you to see results but once it happens, Pinterest will never disappoint you.

I hope you feel mega-equipped and ready to start rocking the Pinterest game to grow your email list, my tribe!

Need help with your Pinterest marketing strategy? Check out my Pinterest services here and schedule a call here. Need help creating content for your Pinterest check out my content services here.

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