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My story began in January 2020, I was about to graduate University with a job that was not fulfilling and one day I saw a Pinterest pin about how to make money online from home. My introvert nature was delighted. I have always wanted to pave my own way. My mother attributes that to my Leo sign but building something for me has always been the goal. I signed up for masterclasses, and courses and found a way to use my marketing experience to help other female-run businesses grow their brand as a Pinterest manager and the rest as they say is history.

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Pinterest marketing services for Bloggers

I strive to educate, empower and to connect with female entrepreneurs so they can grow a profitable business

The way I can do this is by empowering you as a female entrepreneur during our 60-Minute 1:1 marketing session where you will learn everything that you need to grow your business. The other way I can help you is with my Pinterest marketing services and Content strategy services that were designed to grow your brand online.

Hey there!

I'm Vanessa Danson

Content that connects and inspires your audience makes a much bigger impact.

Vanessa Danson

— Founder, CEO

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I am an Educator, Pinterest Expert, and a Content Strategist.

All those hats, i stand by them. All the knowledge I have apart from my PR degree is self-taught. Yes you gussed it. I’m a nerd who loves learning and practicing what I learn.

Hi! I’m the CEO of Pin Savvy Media, Vanessa Danson. Your go-to side-kick on everything Pinterest Marketing, Instagram Marketing, and Content Strategy. I am Kenyan-born and very proud of my African roots and culture. I love traveling. If I could travel to every corner of the world trust me I would do it.

I help bloggers and online entrepreneurs with their awesome blogs and businesses, particularly with social media marketing and design.

I work with female entrepreneurs like life and business coaches, lifestyle bloggers, designers, brand strategists, online service providers, consultants, and more.

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As You're Reading This, I'm probably having a cup of green tea or sipping my glass of wine dreaming (hello dreamer here) of ways of getting us as female boss babes from where we are to where we want to be!

I’m going to tell a secret! Do you know what my biggest motivation is? Helping women harness their superpowers so they can finally take control of their lives and build a business that is sustainable and profitable. I am here to be your side-kick. I will be the robin to your batman. Let’s figure out which star you are in the galaxies and how to use your special sauce to become a shinning star. 

Are you ready?


Once you get started with me i focus on your business, your goals, and your dreams. I am here to take your business to the next level. 

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One of my main goals is to expand your audience and reach. Whether this is through strategic methods, content strategy, or marketing strategy or aiming to go viral with fire content on Pinterest, I'll always be aiming for the stars. You are awesome and your services or products deserve to be seen by your ideal audience.


A plan without a strategy is not logical. That's why with me, we take your strategy to the next level with content pillars and monthly content calendars, strategic keyword research, scheduling strategies, and profile optimization, your Pinterest will drive tons of traffic to your website! Can you picture that for you because I can!

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Another one of my main goals in working with you is generating new leads for your business. As a client based business, I understand the importance of having a continuous stream of client leads and inquiries in order to keep your business sustainable and profitable. Something I struggled with in the beginning and you can learn from my lessons.

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