It’s important for all businesses to have a Pinterest profile that reflects their branding. It’s easy to keep sweeping this under the rug, but people need to know what you do and how to engage with your business. Make sure you have a clean, optimized profile that says “Open for business!” With our services, you optimize your Pinterest for success!


Do you feel like your Pinterest account could be so much more if it had a solid overhaul by a professional? You’re not alone! Let us go over your account with a fine-tooth comb, spotting areas for improvement and applying Pinterest best practices.

It includes:

  • Analyze Profile, Boards, Pins
  • Spreadsheet breakdown of every board and areas for improvement.
  • Spreadsheet of your top posts and recent content, analyzing their optimization for Pinterest
  • Custom content planning calendar to frame your editorial calendar around seasonal trends for your niche on Pinterest
  • List of actions to take immediately.
  • Pinterest Coaching calls, via Zoom to discuss the audit, strategies to carry out, and follow-up after implementing changes

15 Custom Pin Templates - $15